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Relationship Marketing

In today’s crowded world, where thousands of businesses compete against each other to win and keep customers, it’s important to make sure your customers don't turn their backs on you and have enough reason to stay. Good relationship marketing does this.


We still find it surprising that so many businesses sell their product or service and then don’t have contact with their customers again. Think of the very best brands and businesses you interact with, and they maintain constant contact with you. They don’t just sell you something and expect you to come back. The range of choice and decision-making for customers grows by the day and is certainly all but unrecognisable from where we were even ten years ago.  It’s just too easy for your customer or potential customer to find someone else. Relationship marketing is about creating a brand and, well, relationship, that means customers see no need to leave you.


From simple customer contact plans, to bespoke loyalty programmes, we are experienced in keeping customers. Using, social media, targeted email technology or even the odd piece of post, we will help you keep more customers. Now, we don’t like to use clichés if we can help it, but it is widely known that it costs you at least five times more to get a new client as it does to retain a current one.  It makes sense to invest in keeping your customers.


And one last piece of food for thought. Most of us now use recommendations and reviews to make purchases because we can. Retaining customers creates advocates of your business – the type of people who would be all too willing to tell others how good you are.  Let them help you attract new customers. 

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