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About us

Fivespoons is a family run marketing consultancy based in High Wycombe. We specialise in clear, creative communications and pride ourselves on being able to provide a full marketing service to organisations of all sizes. We believe we provide a clear and transparent service and that we speak in plain English (there’s no marketing waffle here). Between us we have over 40 years of marketing experience gained in small businesses, the public sector and large corporations. 


What really sets us apart though is that we really do care as much about the success of our clients’ businesses as much as they do.  And we listen.  We quickly get to know our clients and their business so we become the very definition of a trusted adviser.  We pride ourselves on being flexible in the way we work and pragmatic when it comes to our fees.  You won’t find any hidden charges here, only a partnership where we and, far more importantly, you feel in complete control.

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Becky Wotherspoon

Managing Director

Favourite film quote:

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Favourite Song:

Well this is hard, I'm choosing two

Piano Man by Billy Joel

American Pie by Don McLean

For over ten years I worked in the Communications section at Wycombe District Council three years of this, I spent leading the Communications team.

After the birth of our second child, in 2010, I founded wotherspoon pr and marketing to bring affordable marketing solutions to small businesses and the public sector. Luckily this venture was successful and I acquired many small businesses, start ups and established ventures as well as larger clients such as Aylesbury Vale District Council. In 2016, Drew and I joined forces and Fivespoons was born. 


I am only too aware of the risks involved in starting a new business and how difficult it can be. I also know only too well how every penny really does count. With everything we do here at Fivespoons, we aim to ensure that our clients know exactly how much money they are spending with us and that they are getting value for their marketing spend. 

It's really important to us that all our clients feel at ease and in control of the work we do for them, having worked for many local councils I also hate jargon with a passion, so here at Fivespoons we make sure that all our communication, whether it is with or for our clients, is simple and straightforward.


When I'm not running around after our three children, I enjoy meeting with my book club where we sometimes discuss the books we've read but mainly just chat and laugh a lot. 


Drew Wotherspoon

Creative Director

Favourite film quote:

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Favourite Song:

Argh, that's an impossible question. Who writes these questions?

If pushed, Mr Tambourine Man by The Byrds

Drew was most recently the Group Marketing Director for Towergate Insurance Broking, the UK’s leading independent insurance adviser and a business that employs over 4,500 people.  Drew led a marketing and communications team of over 40, controlling brand, advertising, online and partnership marketing.


He was also a member of the executive board for Insurance Broking, the largest division of Towergate.  He has a broad range of leadership and commercial experience skills that allow him to operate outside a pure marketing role.  However, he is equally at home in “sleeves up” roles, that require high levels of doing, as the more strategic, commercial positions that provide direction and longer term vision.  And he likes words.  A lot.

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