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What we do.

Our marketing services

So far, no-one has asked us for marketing advice on how to send a message in a bottle, but we live in hope.  What we do offer is the full range of marketing activities you would expect from a marketing consultancy, and a little bit more. We've years of experience in all aspects of marketing so if there's something you don't think you can see below then chances are we can do it. We'd be as pleased as punch to discuss this with you as part of your free two-hour marketing consultation where we can explore the options you have.  

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Free two hour marketing consultation 

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to setting up a business or breathing new life into an established one. 

With our free two hour consultation, we will talk to you in depth about your current situation and what you are hoping to achieve for your business. From this discussion we can pull together our thoughts on what marketing activity we feel you would be best to focus on and the costs associated with this.

 If you like what you read, you can then decide how little or how much activity you wish to proceed with. Everything we do is clearly outlined with no hidden costs or catches. Just simple, clear communication.

Contact us to set up your consultation by phone, zoom or in person (socially distanced, of course).

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