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Customer Journey Mapping

We’re on a journey. Are there a set of words more irritating in the modern spoken word?  We think not, although those of you with teenagers could probably find some. Anyway, we digress. Irritating as those words are, your customers are on a journey with you. The best ones will return time and time again if you get your service and your products right. More than that, you’ll create advocates who become all too willing to tell others about just how good you are. They become an extension of your marketing activity.


Every single touchpoint you have with your customers and potential customers is critically important. You may not think that the letter you send confirming a purchase is worth worrying about, or the note your colleague in accounts sends to a partner needs to be that good, but we’d argue that’s not right.  All of these things help create a perception of your brand and are key parts in delivering your promise. There’s competition everywhere, and it’s all too easy for customers to just abandon you. And, worse than that, in today's social media dominated world, they could easily tell everyone they know to stay away from you.


Customer journey mapping is the process of capturing and mapping out the total customer experience across all touchpoints from awareness, through initial contact, purchasing, after sales support and hopefully renewal and retention.  You can see the five categories we tend to use, but different businesses can have different categories.


It identifies moments of truth and pain points, and then looks at what the best experience should be.  It’s also a brilliant way to get many of your employees engaged with something that’s really meaningful. Our experience shows that it’s one of the best things to grow a sense of belonging for your employees and, ultimately, your income.

A guide to Customer Journey Mapping

Our infographic is a great guide to understanding more about what goes into customer journey maps and why it's something all businesses, of all sizes, should do.

Morgan Sindall Customer Journey Mapping
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