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Internal Communications

It still surprises us how many businesses have a ruthless focus on getting new customers but don’t put any real stock in creating an engaged and brand-aware team around them. Quite simply, everything (and we mean everything) starts with your people. How they talk about your business is critical in the way in which your customers perceive you. So, communicating with them regularly just makes sense.


What doesn’t surprise us is that the most successful businesses create a strong sense of belonging. If your staff love your company this will help your customers do the same. Good internal communications can help create the love (too much?). We have experience in helping businesses create bespoke internal communication programmes using a variety of tools. We quickly get to learn about your company culture, or indeed help you create one, so we can deliver the right programme for you.


We can help create an environment where individuals feel valued and able to contribute to the success of your business. People like to contribute and have their opinions heard. For example, creating employee surveys is a great way to do this. And who knows, you may even find that your employees have ideas that could take your business to the next level. They may identify something in your processes or approach that just doesn’t quite work right now and is easy to fix. But without the ability to tell someone, the issue won’t even get raised.


We also have experience in other ways to engage employees – customer journey workshops (a fantastic way to engage and grow your business), brand building sessions, one-to-one interviews and CEO roadshows are just some examples. And, speaking of CEO’s, we offer leadership development that helps create leaders who can inspire their team and drive change. From online platforms, through more traditional methods such as newsletters, staff handbooks and employee events, we can help you create an engaged, knowledgeable and proud team around you.

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