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Marketing Activity

Compare, if you will, the impact of sending someone a text message confessing your undying love or delivering a love letter by carrier pigeon.  As contests go, it’s a bit of a non-starter.  The way in which we deliver our messages, the channels we use, is often as important as the content and it’s no different when it comes to marketing your business.  Of course, some news is so big you’ll want to use every method you can to tell the world, although perhaps leave the pigeon in its loft.  But equally, some businesses only require one channel of communication to really make that impact.


At Fivespoons, we are experienced in creatively delivering messages across all marketing channels.  Telling your story to the right people, at the right time, in the right way is what we do.


Here are some of the ways we do it.

SWOT Analysis


We design, write and manage websites, combining eye-catching looks with words that make an impact, using customisable templates to keep the cost down.


One of the great ways for companies of all size to make a big impact, particularly small businesses. A loyal and engaged following can often act as your new business team.


Great copy makes a huge difference.  Engaging, thoughtful and (above all else) written in plain English, the right words make the right impact.


Basically creating, publishing and sharing content (words, videos, pictures, infographics, blogs) to build the reputation and visibility of the business.


Sending press releases and interesting content to journalists is a cost-effective way to spread the word.  More than that, having someone else write about you builds trust.


Be it in the papers, on the box, out of the wireless, on the web or on a monster billboard in your town, advertising still forms the foundation of much marketing activity.


Sometimes, the very best way to speak to people is face to face. We have bags of experience in making your event a success.  Bags are optional...

Find out what's right for you

As you can see, there's a wealth of ways to get your message out to consumers.  Why not give us a call or send us a note to find out which ones are right for you.  Our free, two hour consultation can help you understand what the art of the possible is. Just look a little further down to see how you can get in touch.  

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