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Brand Repositioning and Website Copy

Talkback is a charity that provides services to people with autism and other learning disabilities, providing choice, opportunity and respect for all people. They work across Buckinghamshire, Reading and Milton Keynes and advise all over the Home Counties to empower people to understand and use the skills that will enhance their quality of life. This will enable them to be involved in their local community and have their voice heard by professionals and peers. They want to change perceptions within society to create a positive engagement for all people.


What was the objective behind the work?

Talkback have been repositioning their charity as they collapsed their commercial arm and remerged it to the charity. They wanted to go back to their funders with much more clarity about what exactly it was they did. They asked us to come and help set their strategic direction and rewrite their content across various channels. They wanted their messaging to be clear, for both their members and potential funders.


We worked with them across a number of face to face meetings to truly understand what they did. We engaged with multiple stakeholders, each responsible for a specific area of their operations to gain first-hand qualitative research on what it was they felt made them good at what they did.


We then took these outputs to help recreate high level corporate messaging. Having agreed upon this we wrote their new web copy, including all Search Engine Optimisation considerations. 


“We loved the creativity and the direct challenge to our thinking. We loved the new ways of looking at ourselves that Fivespoons brought. We're delighted with their work.”


Jeremy Hay


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