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The Educate Group

Strategic Marketing Advice

We met The Educate Group as part of the work we do with the London Youth Support Trust (LYST).  


LYST asked Fivespoons to run a programme of digital marketing skills workshops for their businesses.  The workshops are focused on helping the businesses make the most of the opportunities that digital marketing provides.


The Educate Group is a business focused on helping students stay in higher education and achieve their goals.  They work hand in hand with both students and the education providers to do this.  Of course, in the modern day, where students pay fees for their education, the institutions are keen to keep as many people in education as they can.


When we met with them we discussed how they could grow their business and find more institutions to work with.  We spent time understanding how they operate, how they have achieved success so far, and how they can scale their model up moving forward. Nathan Ghann, the founder of The Educate Group, found the session incredibly useful:


“It was fantastic to spend some time with Fivespoons as part of the London Youth Support Trust’s Digital Marketing Programme and to get another perspective that ratifies our own belief in the potential future success of The Educate Group.  More than that, Fivespoons advice and ideas have allowed us to enhance our own existing thoughts and move forward confidently with plans that we are convinced will help us become the business we know we can be.  We would not hesitate in recommending them to other organisations.”

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